Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Candy Cane Story

This time of year is beyond hectic and sometimes even a little sad. So I was pleasantly surprised when I actually stopped and then smiled recently when I was reminded of what it's all about when I read this in my children's goodie bag from a Christmas party. Hopefully you can pause and either read it for the first time or remember it and smile, either way, enjoy it...

The Candy Cane Story

A candy maker wanted to make a candy that would be a witness for his Saviour, so he made the Christmas Candy Cane. He began with a stick of pure white hard candy, which symbolizes the Virgin Birth and sinless nature of Jesus. The hardness symbolizes the Solid Rock and firmness of the promises of God. He then formed the candy into a "J" for Jesus our Saviour (John 3:16-17) and the staff of our Good Shepherd. He stained it with three small, red stripes representing the scourging Jesus received prior to His crucifixion for our healing. He added one large red stripe to represent the shedding of His blood on the cross for our salvation.

* Remember this each time you see and eat this oh so very sweet treat! *

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

From: Baby / To: Mama

Let me be little
Sweet mama, I say.
I know I kept you up all night cause I slept most of the day.

Let me be tiny
Sweet mama, I proclaim.
For these days seem long but they will never be the same.

Let me be a baby
Sweet mama, I plead.
For to be held for a little while is just what I need.

Let me be young
Sweet mama, I reply.
You look down at me today but tomorrow we will see eye to eye. 

Let me be new
Sweet mama, I smile.
Not for too long but surely for a tiny, little while.

Let me be little
Sweet mama, I again say.
As I just grew a little bigger in a not so little way.

Let me be little, tiny, a baby, young and new.
Because, sweet mama, I surely do love you.

Written by Katye Ainsworth, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Sip

“Where are you from?” asked a little boy,
“I’m from a magical place!” the little girl said very coy.
“Magical?” the little boy asked with a smile,
“Very!” said the little girl, “Come with me for a while…”

They set off on their journey of this place she calls home,
He was thrilled at the adventure to run and to ‘roam.
They walked through land somewhat hilly and green,
Then to flat land where it looked as though snow could be seen.

“But where are we? Where are you from?” asked the little boy again.
The little girl twirled around and said with a grin,
“Where magnolias are our flower and a mockingbird is our bird,
and the most beautiful poetry that I have ever heard.”

“This looks like snow, but it’s so warm today!” said the little boy a little confused,
“Oh, that’s our cotton, it’s ready to be picked. Wanna hear some delta blues?”
The little girl grabbed the little boys hand,
And led him deeper into that snowy, flat land.

“Hear it?” she said as she closed her eyes real tight,
“The music? Yes, I do, and it sounds alright!”
The little boy started to dance all around,
The little girl smiled and enjoyed more of the glorious sound.

“Is that a River?” said the boy looking a far,
“It is,” she said, “Look real close and you’ll see a sand bar.
“It’s mighty and muddy and will lead us on our way,
Let’s continue on our journey so you will know where I am from today.”

The journey became hilly again and the trees were tall and fine,
“These trees can touch heaven”, said the little girl, “they are called pine.”
“But what is this place you are from called?” the little boy said a little mad,
“You will soon see,” said the little girl, “and boy will you be glad.”

They walked and saw simple beauty in their simply beautiful child minds,
The journey took them from the hills to a different land of sand and endless lines.
“What is this?” asked the boy with wonder in his eyes.
The little girl said, “This is the beach, see how the water meets the sky?”

“So please tell me, friend,” pleaded the little boy, “what is this place’s name?”
“It is all so lovely and simply wonderfully unique in all it’s quiet fame!”
“I’ll tell you, now,” said the little girl, “since you have fallen in love with it on our trip,”
“Where am I from, you ask, well I am from Mississippi… my home… The Sip!”

Written by Katye Ainsworth, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Fog has lifted...temporarily I am sure...

It's been said a zillion times this year so far, but just to stay "current"... HELLO from the OTHER SIDE! Or in my case, the MOTHER side. Yes, it's been almost 3 months since my fingers have graced the keys of my mac to blog to you, my faithful readers... (or just you, Mom, thanks for reading!) :)

And just like that...
A not-so-brief re-cap of what I have been doing since we last met...

- I have CONSISTENTLY continued exercising with my trainer I started with at the beginning of the year. New Year's Resolution...check!

- We found out our little tiny tornado's front tooth she chipped 6 months prior to in one of her twisters had abscessed and planned an extraction for a 22 month old. Hello sedation. Hello nightmares due to googling "sedation of 22 month olds". 

- So being the crazy mama I am, we had sweet sister's photographs taken to "remember" good old tooth "F" that we would not see again until age 8, or whenever permanent teeth come in... (agh!) Let's just say we will not be using that photographer again, nor will he have children after meeting Malone. (big eye emoticon here). She was NOT having any of anything he had to offer her. Even at an escalated price. #shouldhavebeenaphotographer

- Tooth Extraction Day arrived and I think I had an out-of-body-experience and floated to a far away planet when Sister was screaming the highest notes I have EVER heard come out of a human being for about 30 minutes prior to going back to be completely sedated for her little extraction- we considered having it pulled at the clinic with a local anesthetic, but after our amazing pediatric dentist met our amazing pediatric daughter, and her precious personality while being held down (I think it was a scene from The Exorcist), she recommended a complete sedation at the surgery center. Back to sister summoning her inner-Mariah Carey with her high notes in the waiting curtained-off area, the nurses brought her oral versed which she then spat in their faces... I didn't know whether to be appalled or to high five her, I wouldn't have wanted that mess either. Once they ripped her out of my arms and took the tiniest screaming machine ever created back, the procedure went quite well and recovery was even better. She's a rock star. A very LOUD rock star.

- Since we had to not have our paci for a few days, as to not get dry sockets (ouch), we decided to go ahead and nix that thing anyway- just because I had not come down from whatever planet my body had floated to during the exorcism, I mean extraction, and was still "cray-cray". It took about a week or so for her to realize we were not giving in and she just gave up and moved on to bigger and better things, like saying "NOOOO" to e-v-ery-thing. Hello, terribly 2 already. 

- Luckily we had a few adult-only things planned in February and I think my husband would have paid any amount of money to get me back from Planet What Just Happened, so off to New Orleans for our first-ever Mardi Gras and Ball. Both were fabulous when in a company suite and able to go to bed whenever we wanted and stay above (literally because on a 3rd floor balcony) the "riff raff" Nola is famous for, especially during Mardi Gras. It was fun to get dressed up and attend a ball where everything you needed was right there at your table (minus the bathroom, which was close by) and stay up WAY too late to dance and sing to Steven Tyler and PitBull! Great times were had by ALL and mama needed it! I think it was the best time I have ever seen my man have. Bless him, he loves some Aerosmith and I get it too. #pinkismyfavoritecrayon
Endymion Ball 2016

Mardi Gras 2016

- For Valentine's me and my valentine went to our first JA Ball, "Casino Night", and danced and laughed with friends. I slowly felt myself completely returning to earth. 

Valentine's 2016

JA Casino Night 2016

- I ran a 5K with Scott (or he slowly trotted with me) and felt every bit of the 9 years it had been since I was a "runner" but I completed it under the allotted time I had given myself (secretly).
Frosty Frolic 5K 2016

- We sold my husband's beloved 1996 Toyota 4Runner that he has owned since 1998. That's a lot of miles and memories to see drive out of our driveway... but that hot $2500 felt good in our bank account! Scott is a meticulous budgeter and I both love and hate that, mostly love, and he is now loving life in his new truck and is amazed by all the technology that has been invented in the last 18 years! :)

"Old Glory"
1996 Toyota 4Runner

Daddy's New Wheels

- Holder was the cutest little soldier in his K3 Chapel Program, Nursery Rhymes, Humpty Dumpty.
K3 Chapel Program 2016
St. John's Day School
- I participated in my beloved consignment sale at FBC Jackson where my goal is to sell more than I buy. Truth is I really love it because I get almost a whole 24 hours to myself and get to have an adult-only dinner and spend-the-night-"party" with my college roomie, Lizard (Elizabeth) twice a year. It's good for my soul and my children's closets, and missions of course. #littlefeetconsignmentsale

- Holder took his school pics during re-takes because of course on the original date for his class pics, he woke up with his eyes matted shut- Hello allergies. We are still waiting to get those back...

- Scott and I participated in a Bootcamp one Saturday at his old high school stadium. Couples that Bootcamp together Stay Together... or something like that.

"Between the Bricks" at Watkins

Bootcamp with Casey Sauls

- Our first official spring break (since Brother is in "school") so we went to Destin, FL with my parents and it started off by me slamming Holder's fingers in a very heavy and large door in the lobby bathroom. He climbed up my mom like she was a tree. Bless him. He now has 2 black fingernails but luckily nothing was broken, except my heart. Sister was a Destin Diva, the entire week.
Sandestin, FL

Baytowne Wharf
Sandestin, FL

- BIRTHDAYS! Holder turned 4 on March 14th, we held a joint birthday party on March 19th, Malone turned 2 on March 31st. I'm still in disbelief by these events... 4 and 2. How did that happen... oh that's right, I blinked.

Tutu much fun!
Turtle Power!
- I am officially a SOCCER MOM! Holder just runs with the pack and cried about the other team being "mean to him taking the ball away" so needless to say we have some basics to cover here. But good grief if he isn't the cutest little thing in the tiniest little shin guards ever!
Under 5 Team


- Easter was full of fun events for the kids and Scott and I participated in most events our church had during Holy Week and were blessed by those. Jesus is definitely the reason for the season... every season. I hope you took a moment to truly reflect on what Jesus did for you (and me) and more importantly, even though it's hard, reflect on what you (and I) did to put him there... #grace #mercy

Flowering of the Crosses 2016
St. John's Day School
Malone's 1st Easter Egg Hunt
Pickering Farm

Scary Mall Bunny Photo


"I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever." Psalm 86:12

Friday, January 15, 2016

White Barn Interiors

Elizabeth Behm, Founder & Creator, White Barn Interiors

I am thrilled to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, Elizabeth, as well as her very special business, White Barn. First, some background.  We met our freshman year at Mississippi State University and, as we say, have "been in love ever since". I just realized that's almost a 20 year friendship... Anyway, we literally had to give each other away at each of our weddings... and our husbands get it.

Ok, we are "besties for life", you get it.  We graduated from college, worked our first "real jobs" and then moved to Birmingham in 2002 in search of fun and our futures and we definitely found both! Each now married, with 2 kids each and both back in Mississippi, we have found ourselves living out our dreams. Hers' creating and mine writing about it. So, without further a-do, here is my Elizabeth with White Barn Interiors...

Hey y’all! I am Elizabeth Behm, founder and creator of White Barn. I am also mom to two sweet, vibrant young kids and wife to the man of MY dreams. And that’s what I have been doing, ever since we moved from Alabama back to my hometown in north Mississippi, living the dream… MY dream… White Barn.

White Barn Interiors was created in 2014 shortly after the birth of my second child. I attended a baby shower with two of my then-pregnant friends. We were all looking for large frames to put our sweet babies’ pictures in. There were some beautiful frames available, of course, but they were very expensive (and to be honest, I now know why). I wondered how hard it was to make one (and quickly found out).

I decided to truly dive in, heads first, and apprenticed under an awesome, local artist and custom framer in my hometown, Fred Enis. Six short months later I opened White Barn on the square in Ripley, Mississippi.

I love the idea of reclaimed anything! There are many abandoned old farmhouses in the South and I feel like I hit the jackpot with all that is available. I like to use old wood and combine it with modern pieces. Don't get me wrong, I do love the rustic look here and there but my true passion is to mix it up with a modern touch. Each piece tells a story. Please let me help tell yours!

I also do custom framing with many molding choices as well as mat and glass cutting, all in house. 

My latest passion is painting. I am currently working on many new pieces and can do commissioned projects for you. Have an empty space? I can fill it!

Welcome to White Barn. Thank you for checking out MY dream come true, making authentic and special pieces for YOUR dreams to shine through.

Find White Barn Interiors on...
Instagram @ TheWhiteBarn
Facebook @ White Barn
Etsy @ WhiteBarnInteriors
Phone: (662) 815-0021

Monday, January 11, 2016



So now the new year is rolling on and I am somewhat feeling "normal" again after our eventful and sick holidays. I am not really a RESOLUTION setter but I do like to set ATTAINABLE goals for myself. I always feel refreshed for the new year, new calendar to fill... at lightening speed I might add, new goals, new chance, new ME!

I have 2 GOALS and they are both to get FIT...
1. Physically Fit
2. Faithfully Fit

I feel like the fastest way to success is to know yourself, how you "work", accept it, and plan towards accomplishing your goals in the way you KNOW you will do it. For me, unfortunately, exercising has always been sporadic, inconsistent and honestly the first thing to "GO" if I get too busy. Terrible I know. Especially since ol' gal (meaning me) is in her LATE (hate that word) 30's. No, I am not old, I am actually a young soul, but let's be honest... things... um... change. I have never struggled with a weight issue (a perk of being almost 6 feet tall I guess- lots of room to stretch it out) but after 2 kids, things have "shifted" and are not quite as firm/tone as they may have once been... Hence TIME TO TONE. Knowing how inconsistent I am on my own but how I am always going to make it to a set appointment, I decided to go with the TRAINER route. Myself and a fab friend started last week and let's just say my body is still in SHOCK. So I will rally these ol bones and continue on... soreness and all.

I am a work in progress on my journey to holiness but I do strive to be more Christ like every day in my actions and in my teaching of life lessons for my children. Some days I feel like I am well on my way, others my "humanity" takes over and I need to have a do-over, anyone feel the same? Thank the Lord for his continued grace and mercy in my life. EVERYDAY.

I love that my son's school has a "Faithfully Fit" program. He has a t-shirt for this program and I am reminded each time I see it of what is truly important. I love the perspective the key verse gives me... 1 Timothy 4:8- "For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in EVERY way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."

A precious friend gave me a journal for Christmas and I have started writing my favorite verses in it as well as prayer requests. My GOAL is to continue doing this until I have gone through my entire Bible and write down all the favorite/meaningful verses I have underlined AND to truly be a prayer warrior for my husband, children and others too. So that when I say I am praying for you, you truly know that I am... and more than once!

Scott and I pray with and for our children daily. I wanted to share my nightly prayer for each of my children that I have prayed literally over them since the day each were born.

My Prayer for My Children: "the 4 S's... and 1 F"
Salvation: Lord, please call him/her early to you and help us be the parents to help lead them to you.
Spouse: Lord, please provide a mate for him/her that is both christian and compatible.
Safety: Lord, please protect him/her in every way- physically, spiritually, emotionally, sexually...
Spirit: Lord, I pray his/her spirit is not rebellious.
Friends: Lord, please provide christian friends throughout his/her life with good morals and intentions and help us be the parents to steer them in the right direction on this.

My Prayer Verse for My Children: Ephesians 3:16-19
"I pray that out of his glorious riches that he may strengthen Holder/Malone with power through his spirit in Holder's/Malone's inner being so that Christ may dwell in Holder's/Malone's heart through faith. And I pray that Holder/Malone, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how WIDE and LONG and HIGH and DEEP is the love of Christ and to know this love that surpasses knowledge- that Holder/Malone may be filled to the measure of ALL the fullness of God." Amen. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

'Twas the BUG before Christmas

That time everyone was sick in your house during Christmas vacation... except your husband... And it rained and was humid and was HOT...

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house

the stomach bug was stirring, as quiet as a mouse.

The stockings were FINALLY hung by the chimney with flare

in hopes that we would remember St. Nicholas was supposed to be there... 

The children were restless all sick in their beds
while visions of seeing their dinner twice pounded in their heads.

And Mama in the bathroom, and Dad enjoying a night cap
were about to settle down for a short, hot, rainy winter's nap. 

When out of our son's room there arose such a clatter
we sprang from our bed to see what was the matter.

Away to his room we flew like a flash

tore off his covers, and told him to the bathroom to dash. 

The moon on the breast of the never-fallen snow

gave the lustre of midday to the wet ground below.
When, what to our sleepy eyes should appear
but our daughter standing in her own tiny puddle of Christmas "cheer". 

With a little old towel, Mama tried to clean real quick
because she knew in a moment that she would again get sick.

More rapid than eagles, her stomach did churn,
and she whistled, shouted and closed the door and took her turn...

To the top of the toilet!

To the floor of the hall!

Now flush away! Flush away!
 Flush away all!" 

As we were before the wild "cheer" did fly
when were met with an obstacle, never too big for us to get by.
So up to the pharmacy Dad's car flew
with the back full of Kaopectate and Phenergan too...

... He sprang from his car, to his team gave a whistle

And to him we all flew like the down of a thistle.

Then I heard him exclaim, as he RAN out of sight,

"Give this medicine to all, and to all a good night!"